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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Residence Club at Nakoma?

The Residence Club at Nakoma is an equity residence club™  providing members shared ownership of charming, fully furnished Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired residences within the prestigious Nakoma resort community. Members lodge in meticulously appointed Club residences tucked among the trees along the 10th fairway of the highly acclaimed Dragon golf course and have full golf privileges. The Club staff ensures worry-free ownership and hassle-free vacations.

As a Club member, do I have golf privileges?
Yes. Residence Club members and their spouses have full golf privileges at the prestigious Dragon golf course.  While in residence, you pay no green fees or cart fees. A golf cart is stationed at your Club Residence during each Club vacation for use on the course and for intra-resort transportation. If you are not in residence, you and your spouse still have golf privileges and pay only the cart fee.

Can more than one family or individual share a single membership?
Yes.  Individuals can form legal entities to control a membership.  It will be up to the joint members to select a Designated Member who can reserve lodging for that membership in compliance with the Club’s reservations policies and enjoy golf privileges.

Have residence clubs been developed in other prestigious destinations?
Yes. The concept was introduced more than 20 years ago and has been enthusiastically embraced by affluent buyers at premier resorts such as: Aspen, Vail, Telluride, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado; Deer Valley, Utah; Palm Springs, Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe, California; Tucker’s Town and Southampton, Bermuda; Los Cabos, Punta Mita and Huatulco, Mexico. There are also residence clubs in Manhattan and Florence, Italy. Each of these residence clubs is owned and operated much like The Residence Club at Nakoma. The creator of the residence club concept is part of the Nakoma team.

What are the advantages of residence club membership?
Residence clubs combine the benefits of vacation home ownership with resort amenity privileges and hotel services. Residence club membership provides generous and flexible vacation use, removes the worries typically associated with absentee ownership, and significantly reduces the financial burden. The Residence Club at Nakoma provides the added benefit of lifetime golf privileges at The Dragon golf course.

As a member, how often can I vacation at my Club?
As often as you wish, subject only to the Club’s reservations policies and availability.  Members have the flexibility of reserving Planned Vacations well in advance and also visiting on a short-notice basis.  Each year, members may reserve 21 days of Planned Vacations in advance. This leaves abundant additional occupancy for space available vacations during the year. If all members use their club equally throughout the year, each would enjoy a minimum of three weeks during a typical golf season and a total of six weeks annually. However, there is no limit on use. If some members visit their Club less, others can visit more.

Can Club members send guests to enjoy Club vacations?
Yes. Members may invite unaccompanied guests to use any of their confirmed Club vacations without a guest fee. Additionally, two unaccompanied guests in residence have full golf privileges during their stay.

As a member at The Residence Club at Nakoma, can I exchange lodging privileges with residence club members at other resorts?
Yes. Your club has been selected to participate in the exclusive Elite AllianceSM exchange program

If I purchase a Residence Club at Nakoma membership, when can I start enjoying the lodging and golf privileges?



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